Tori + Kaleb

January 2, 2021

When I started looking for a wedding photographer I had a vision of how I wanted the photos to turn out, but I also wanted someone who could get me and my husband out of our comfort zone! Although we are both super outgoing people, posing for photos, especially with someone you don’t know, can make anyone nervous!! 
I originally met Yasmine at a small coffee shop before I chose to book with her! Immediately I knew by her fun, honest, and outgoing personality that she was perfect for us! Flash forward to our engagement session and I felt even better about my decision! The pictures turned out absolutely GORGEOUS! Not a single one I wasn’t happy with! But what made it even better, was that Yasmine made it so much fun while doing it! It was never awkward because she had so many fun little “games” we played during the session! A huge relief on my part!! 
Then flash forward to the wedding, and she outdid herself!!! From meeting me for coffee before the wedding to go over exactly what pictures I wanted, what I didn’t want, she took everything I said so seriously! She was early on wedding day, she is super organized, and she truly keeps you feeling important while being fun!!! 
Kaleb and I consider her more of a friend now and we are so so happy with choosing YSTUDIOPHOTOGRAPY! If you’re thinking of booking, you should do it!! You won’t regret it!
Instead you’ll be trying to figure out how to pick a favorite picture when they are all your favorites!!

Yasmine is a must-hire!! Her pictures are obviously amazing (just look at her website/gallery), but those really speak for themselves. When I was trying to decide on a photographer, it was difficult because there are so many out there that take beautiful pictures, but I needed someone that could capture beautiful moments. Yasmine is one of those. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and confident, bringing out their truest, most beautiful self. I did not have the opportunity to meet Yasmine before my wedding, so, honestly, I was a little nervous that we might not “click” and my pictures would turn out awkward. That could not have been farther from the truth. She was confident in her skill (rightly so), told us exactly what to do while simultaneously letting us be ourselves, and captured the sweetest moments. I truly believe, personality-wise, she could get along with anyone and would make you feel the same way she made me feel on my wedding day. Yasmine will absolutely be taking any and all of our pictures from here on out. I highly recommend hiring her for all your photography needs (wedding, family, pet, etc.) — you will be so happy you did!!! If i could give her 10 stars, I would!

Nicole & Tyler

June 29, 2021

Bailey & Levi

May 25, 2021

Everyone’s wedding day has a little pinch of magic in it. There are moments you feel the magic, and you know there’s no other place you would rather be. Yasmine captures that magic in every square inch of her pictures. Looking through our wedding album and re-looking is like re-living each moment all over again every time. I had been in a wedding before where Yasmine was the photographer, and I absolutely LOVED the end result of her photos. I knew then, I wanted her at our wedding.Here’s the thing: our wedding was much different than the one I had been in previously, and I’m sure much different than everyone else’s wedding she’s done. But Yasmine somehow uniquely captures the beauty of everyone’s moments in a different way. Your moments are your moments only and you have them forever to look back on.  Yasmine isn’t like some of the photographers we looked at who have a specific wedding theme for every wedding they are hired for. She captures the infinite feeling of your wedding in each frame a different way for every wedding. If you’re looking to have wedding photos and not just photos of your wedding, book Yasmine. She’s the whole package.

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